Fart Humor Never Gets Old

f_0hp4.jpgFarty Time is a new, up and coming, humorous blog that began in January 2011. It is a family run effort more accurately a secret family run effort. Why secret? “Telling people you run a fart humor web site is probably the bottom rung of social acceptability, right below porn web site,” states contributing editor Butt Morris.

Why fart humor?

In today’s economy and job market, success is often best achieved by combining two separate abilities like a person having both a law degree and medical degree. In this family, the two abilities are humor and farts.

The tag line at FartyTime.com is “Fart Humor for Very Smart People!” Farty Time gladly welcomes Stephen Hawking, Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Face book Dude, Google Founders, all Asian people and all other super smart and extra cool people. It’s not your basic “person farts loudly in a business meeting” humor even though that did happen and was one of the inspirations for the blog idea.

Realistically, stories about people farting in inappropriate, embarrassing situations – although funny – get old and repetitive very quickly.

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Watch this video to learn the exact system Humor jeans rock. Seriously

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Laughter is the language of the soul, or so we have been told. So, if you want your soul to be happy, then you will need jokes to fill it’s appetite for laughter. The jokes that are displayed on the internet cater for all tastes, ranging from embarrassing pictures to amusing articles on current affairs.FartyTime.com has a variety of humorous fart material with satirical fart news stories, poetry, videos, science articles, editorials, fiction, and more. The creative team at Farty Time understands that humor needs to continually be changing and fresh.

For example, the site has a fictional news story about the new Congress. Congress is poised to work across party lines, when what initially seems like a good will hand shake, turns into a “pull my finger” trick fart accompanied with the statement, “This is what I think of your Obamacare!” The sides become polarized and both Republicans and Democrats try to spin the episode to their advantage. Fox News gets involved in the spin and analyzes the fart as being liberal and therefore a gesture that was totally misunderstood by the Democrats. Its fart humor, but it is also a satirical commentary on current politics and the media.

There’s also haiku fart poetry by Chu Poo, fart horoscopes and an ongoing Celebrity Fart Menu. The sandwich special this week is The Weird Al, with the description – “Smells like other people’s farts”.

Farty Time Has Something for Everyone

Senior contributing editor Anus McCracken puts it simply, “Think about almost any humorous topic or joke. Eventually it gets old. The unexpected aspect is lost, and it is no longer funny. Now think about farts. Farts were funny when you were a kid and will still be funny when you’re old. How many farts have you left in your lifetime? 10,000 maybe? Yet, in the right situation, fart 10,001 is still as funny as the first fart you laughed at. No other humor has that kind of staying power.”

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